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As a php developer most use several types of php scripts to meet the needs of their customers for some years now.

The e-commerce website is primarily an online sales platform developed with the availability of the Internet connection and accessibility. The latter is based on a set of technology and practice in perpetual motion. Many solutions are proposed by different kinds of companies or agencies for companies that wish to own an online store selling on the internet. Among them are the scripts that are written with PHP. This method is the most stressed of all although there are several scripts that can very well compete with it with security, functionality, ergonomics and design.

What php script choose?

Most popular php scripts moment Magento, osCommerce Online Merchant, php super Cart, PrestaShop and Thelia.
Magento is very rich in functionality. It offers greater flexibility with control over the appearance, functionality and content. It is compatible with php 5.

osCommerce Online Merchant meanwhile is a complete solution for online commerce. It has a catalog for visitors but also an administration panel. That is why it is very easy to install and configure it from a web installation process. It is compatible with PHP 4 and 5.

PHP Super Cart is the big brother of php Cart. It has an order management, products, categories, system account catalog with menus and other features yet. It is also compatible with PHP 4 and 5.

Thelia is a completely free application. It allows facilitating the development of an ecommerce website and is easily distinguished from other apps with its ease of customization. All pages you have built can be opened in a graphics editor without layout or code are deconstructed. This allows web designers and integrators to work the basics of skeletons without having to develop code lines. It is compatible with PHP 4 and 5.

As for PrestaShop, it is a web application that allows the creation of an online store to achieve e-commerce. In a few clicks, you can discover the richness of its functionality and its ease of use and allows you to explore the available customization tools and options. It is compatible with php 5.

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