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With thousands of online retailers, Magneto has become the go-to ecommerce site and is used by 1 in 4 businesses worldwide. While Magneto 1 was jam-packed with apps, Magneto’s developers outdone Magneto 2, launched in 2015. The popular tool for the second version has been reconstructed from scratch. Now, it offers several exclusive features not present in the earlier version and solved the Magneto 1 issues.

Website development project for Magneto

Building begins with the planning phase–where we conceptualize the information and ideas magneto developer gathered in the previous step and creates a strategy for the creative process. This is the best moment to evaluate and make decisions with regards to design, feature flow, content planning, and development. This gives the team a clearer picture of the new Magneto website that is coming together by designing the website features prior to design work.

Timetable and analysis of the plan

The timeline of the project is divided into high-level milestones, which typically reflect the completion of larger elements or the release dates of the website. There are short-term variations each of these milestones. Each iteration begins with a kick-off meeting during which the features of the last iteration are tested and evaluated and a number of new features are selected for development in the next iteration.

Research and development stage preparation

The successful design process begins with a comprehensive period of research and planning. You need to see, evaluate and appreciate how the users interact with your website to create a smooth user experience. We use quantitative analysis data to show vulnerabilities and understand how the website is currently used by customers. We are ready to start with wire framing based on the information collected. Wire framing enables us to focus on website content main groups, website structure, and user flows.

Website design by Magneto

The heavy crunching of numbers and data is at the heart of our user-centered design practice, researching users and understanding how they interact with the web to give them the information they want or need.

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