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The ways to develop within the web are as varied as they're complex, but all have one goal, to get an HTML code page linked to a CSS sheet and a JavaScript file. Each technique has its advantages and drawbacks. Each developer will find the answer that suits him best. Here's the way to navigate it.

Server-side languages

In order to know how web platforms work, one must understand the programming languages installed on the server like PHP, ASP and JSP. These allow you to make dynamic web applications by inserting variables in an HTML page. ASP, with its Microsoft license, is widely used because it allows programming of complex applications and is included in most versions of Windows. Its main competitor is PHP. Free and really powerful, it's easy to use and there are many tutorials to know its inner workings. Finally, JSP, developed by SUN Microsystem allows you to insert Java code into HTML pages so as to form the appliance dynamic. Also free, it's very powerful but quite complex.

Development platforms

A php development platform aims to form it easier for developers by providing a library of functions which will be performed using variables inside HTML pages. ASP .NET is that the main web platform running employing a server programmed in ASP. This platform allows interoperability of all programming languages developed by Microsoft. Because they're free, PHP development platforms abound. Flexible and straightforward to use, PHP platforms are an honest option for developing complete and efficient web applications. This solution will therefore be developed exactly consistent with the customer's needs.

Content management systems

Content management systems (CMS) provide a more advanced solution than development platforms. Many functions are already programmed and accessible employing a web interface. The management of the online application is straightforward and allows use with none programming knowledge. There are many solutions, and there's sure to be one that suits your needs. One common divisor remains, time. And this one will always influence your decision!

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