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Tips and hacks on how to be an Php expert

PHP has a wide adoption in the web industry and in a php development company well beyond the open source community. The dynamics it enjoys makes it one of the most successful languages for setting up websites of all sizes. The latest developments have clearly placed him in the world of Object programming and gives him the security guarantees necessary to build a robust website.

How to be an expert in PHP

We will start from the beginning: never stop learning. NEVER. I will not redo a tirade on so go see my old article I speak enough there. Once you have integrated this, make sure to be serene in your field. By this I mean that there may be "holes" in our knowledge. Whether in our languages or even more basically in algorithmics. Make the effort: pause 5 minutes and list the few points that are lacking your knowledge and destabilize you. Then fill them by self-training.

After a while the level of developer for a given post is pretty much the same. This is where the soft skills come into play! More and more the developers are brought to be at the center of the capital decisions of the company. Our abilities to propose, convince, understand and make ourselves understood are crucial to the success of a project. It is far the myth of the developer completely silent, alone in the back of the room, isolated, spitting code all day in extraterrestrial mode that has just landed. Recruiters know this and no longer hide the fact that soft skills are now very important in your hiring.

The objectives to be expert in php are above all:

  • Be able to carry out projects based on Inter / Extra / Intranet.

  • Learn how to dynamically generate PDF documents and images.

  • Know how to reduce the display times of a page.

  • Take advantage of the PHP Data Object to access data.

So, to develop is a passion before being a profession. If you do not take pleasure in coding, you should consider a reconversion.

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