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Koddos can offer you remote protection

If you really need a website that is available in any conditions, the solution may be simple, but you have to build a plan to have the best website with his e-reputation on a high level and a hosting server in a good form.

How to block hackers?

Nowadays, the famous hackers plan is DDoS, and he attacked with strategy. The best solution is to be smarter than him. With all the society which brings the solution on it, KoDDoS gives the interest proposition. Just analyze all his offers in front of enemy attacks.

KoDDoS propose different game of the pack

KoDDoS is an offshore hosting server. That is to say that he had built his own plan. His first plan is to put their datacenter in a multiple place to get the best infrastructure in good condition. We can imagine the climate condition, like in the Netherlands, with his big area in a Zen place and with the biggest digital protection. A part of this best condition place is the existence of the energy production, like in Hong-Kong and his high-level technology. And about the celebrity of this local, New York city is the best that will be the advantage to work with and there are so much interest technical offers too.

To access for KoDDoS products

KoDDoS expose his services online, so you can purchase it online too. You have to choose the level of your pack. As we can see on the dashboard, there are many options that you can refer into your website visibility. Anyway, you can consider that your website will develop as years later, so better choose the pack that standing you for many years. You can move to another pack at any times, but you have to know that this service cost you some fees on a month, so manage your budget.

As the analyses of the expert, your website will be in his best performance on 4 years later, if you get his best reference, so you have also to calculate about to do a continual service to your website.

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