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How to make sure your website is fully fonctional

For your website to be fully functional, you need the service of a php developer who will bring in certain changes on your business. It will be your decision to choose their services according to the type of website you wish.

E-tourism website

The e-tourism essential to the event of tourism professionals, tour operators, travel agencies, flights, hotels, campsites, lodgings ... Promote and facilitate your tourism activity on the online so as to focus on the proper clientele, reassure your future customers, by giving a positive image of the establishment, the environment, the reception, the team, the services ... An e-tourism activity increases online bookings. one among the most advantages of getting an e-tourism site for tourism players is to line you aside from your competitors and sell your services without paying commission on online reservations, unlike reservation centers like OTAs (Booking, Expedia, Opodo, etc.).

Corporate website

Very different from e-commerce, the most function of a company site isn't to sell products and / or services; But to speak about the group and therefore the company. a company website is usually created and managed by a non-profit organization or institution / association or by a charity. Nowadays, these institutional sites with rich content make it possible to speak information to the overall public also on professionals. This represents good information bases and is of accelerating interest to marketing and sales players.

E-commerce website

You are a trader, distributor, producer of brands and products, creating a billboard site will allow you to sell online and retain your customers. The concept and price of a billboard site is above a showcase site and depends on the dimensions of the project. Before going into the pros and cons, we should always take under consideration the entire context of e-commerce. Many businesses and stores are beginning to realize that they have to expand their business on the web . so as to develop their business beyond their stores, to display their products and a competitive offer online.

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