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Science leads to evolution. It is in human nature to constantly push back its limits. Technology is the fruit of this quest for perfect being. With it comes all kinds of new knowledge. One day was born the web, changing with him the face of the world. Faced with this, a question arises. How to evolve as a programmer?

Become master of the art

The simplest way to evolve and grow in this sector is to master all existing languages. It is not easy. Nor is it inconceivable. You will need to start with good training at a specialized institute if possible. The advantage of having integrated an establishment in relation to "open classrooms" is the chance to have people with whom we can help each other. On top of that, if you really want to evolve, think about working in teams. People are used to saying that we work best alone. This is not totally true. And in cases that require a need to excel, it is better to take into account the critics. Who else can your friends count on to give you the best advice?

Refine your knowledge

The solution seen above is certainly the best way to evolve. Nevertheless, it takes time. Imagine learning HTML, CSS, PHP, C, C +, C #, symphony, ROR, .. and all the others at the same time? Whether you believe it or not, you will end up in a psychiatric room. Learning requires patience and perseverance in return. If you do not have these qualities, there is an alternative. Choose a language that you think will be most useful. This language must be able to adapt to evolution. This implies that it must be used constantly by other programmers. You are a website developer. You are smart enough to know the possibilities of your favorite languages ​​at heart. And if you choose one and you create with several pages of several companies? This will give you a reputation that will grow with the results you give. You will be able to make a name for yourself and think only of perfecting your knowledge of your languages.

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