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Angular vs PHP

The modern web world is constantly changing behind the scenes. There is a fierce fight for evolution. Who is the fastest ? Who offers the best features? Who is the easiest to use? In short, who is the best? Between Angular and PHP, what would you choose?

Why choose Angular

Angular JS is a Javascript framework developed by the web giant, Google. He is totally Frontend. In other words, it works on the client side. To use Angula rJS, you have to have a backend system. This server-side system will then connect to the database for example. Angular then allows a completely customer-oriented management. If you then want to create a personal project, you will need a database and you will turn on the application servers. It is recommended to work on AngularJs if you are several in a team on a project. In angular js web development, there is the possibility to share the client / server development. In addition, if you decide to become a web developer later, there is a good chance that you have to choose between front or back. Master Angular will facilitate your choice.

Why choose PHP

PHP is recommended for a good start in web programming. This language is very simple. In addition, he knows a large number of users so he has a large community. PHP is recommended for small projects. This does not mean that it is not suitable for large projects. For example, take Facebook, this site is built on the basis of PHP. PHP has the advantage of running in multi runs so in frontend and backend. It is therefore useless to go through a webservice when we want to communicate directly with the model. In short, in any case, the question of the best between PHP and Angular is very subjective. Nevertheless, PHP has some advantages that Angular does not have. This could then make you turn in favor of PHP. Indeed, this language, apart from its simplicity allows executions in multi end. Something that Angular could not satisfy at the moment.

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